Welcome to PhysioHull

Welcome to the PhysioHull Hull?s MSK Partnership Service. PhysioHull is a partnership between Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust and Humber Mental Health Teaching NHS Trust?s Community Services. The service has replaced all MSK services as of the 4th April 2011 for all patients registered with a Hull GP.

PhysioHull provides Musculoskeletal interventions using an MDT approach and is able to provide opinions from Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Osteopathy professionals and Consultants reviews for Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery & Rheumatology specialties.

There are 3 ways ways of accessing the service

  • PhysioHull Direct Telephone Helpline 01482 300003, Option 1
  • Choose & Book ? Found in Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery and Musculoskeletal Directory of Services
  • Paper referral by a GP

The PhysioHull Direct Helpline is the preferred method of receiving referrals as this allows all patients to be telephone triaged by a qualified Physiotherapist who will identify the most appropriate pathway in a timely manner.

PhysioHull Interventions will vary from self-management with advice and exercise without the need to attend for a face to face appointment. Alternatively, patients will be directed to the most appropriate level of care with the best suited medical professional who will offer number therapeutic interventions.

When red flag or Rhematological inflammatory symptoms are identified patients are directed to A&E or immediately referred to a rheumatologist.

Patients accessing PhysioHull will have rapid access to diagnostics and specialist consultant opinion when ever necessary resulting in appropriate and fast referral into secondary care.

All patients are offered choice when being considered for onward referral to secondary care for surgery; rapid communication links exist to facilitate referral into Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

If patients choose an alternative provider PhysioHull will write to the registered GP providing details of interventions and diagnostic findings enabling GP?s to refer to the patients chosen provider.